Avoid, Avoid, Avoid


I have been avoiding this blog for the past couple of days because I didn’t want to talk about this weekend and all of the food I ate. Even though I am talking to myself here, I feel guilty and ashamed.

My first mistake was the PIZZA. I had been coveting this pizza for a month or more. I thought; I am doing so well, that I could treat myself to something I was really craving. That’s what I did, but I could not stop eating the PIZZA. It didn’t stop there. I started feeling like an empty well, it was like I couldn’t get full enough. I had to have more. I went back downstairs to the kitchen and ate more shit.


I got so off track for a little while. I thought, “what the hell” not again. So much has happened since I started this post. I have a dozen things going on in my head, I hardly know where to start.


I am still writing this post. I am trying to be profound and witty but all I can think of are my 2006 taxes and getting everything ready for my accountant…It’s not happening.

So I am still avoiding this blog, but not for the same reason. I will come back when I stop pulling my hair out.


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