Fall Girl Fall


This Fernando Botero painting depicts exactly how I feel; like a woman falling with her dress up around her head exposing her naughty bits to the world.

I got on the scale today and guess what…I gained weight. It made me think of something I heard on Oprah the other day about cleaning up the clutter in your home/life. My bedroom is the “House of Clutter” that I believe is blocking me from finding the peace that I seek. My clutter has become a metaphor for my life; messy, junky, full, overloaded, bunched together, sloppy, repeated, piled up, bloated, fat and generally a living hell. I have got shit everywhere and I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how hard I try. The mess is too overwhelming and I need to hire an organizer to help me get this together. I haven’t been purging and it is blocking me from losing; I’m still hoarding things and food.

One good thing I did do was start eating better again. I have stopped eating all of the garbage I have been gobbling down for the past two weeks. Tuesday morning I went to the grocery store before work and bought salad greens, string cheese, veggie coldslaw, wasa crackers, walnuts, almonds, avacado, turkey, laughing cow cheese, lean cusine whole grain lunches, etc. I am getting back on track and that’s a good thing.

So fall girl fall, you can always get back up. We fall down and we get up, so says Donnie McClurkin.


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