Dang Blast “Those People”

Dang blast those people who bake too many damn cookies, cupcakes and pies at home, then bring that crap to work to pawn off on unsuspecting sugar deprived fat co-workers. And dang blast all the employees that didn’t bother to have a cupcake yesterday (myself included). They would be gone today peeeeople.

My willpower was strong. I resisted all day yesterday. This  morning I went to the refrigerator to get my breakfast, and there they were — chocolate chocolate (“slap yo mama”) cupcakes. You see, the woman who makes this particular bane of my existence goodie, is one hell of a baker.

Once I found that the CCs were still in the fridge, I tried to avoid them like the plague (it was like playing “I see you, no you don’t”). I expended so much energy trying not to eat them, I think I lost a pound, I feel lighter. It took every ounce of strength I had to use my powers of rationalization to think of something else.

 “Of course, we may be reminded about a diet, and we know we shouldn’t eat the forbidden food, but people have great powers of rationalization. Our excuses flow into mind with perfect ease.” – robert e. thayer, PH.D.

I resisted those dang blasted cupcakes…hooray for me! Now if we can only send a memo out to “Those People” that bake.

There are those of us who are trying to lose weight and having the added task of avoiding your goodies can cause an aneurysm, teeth grinding, erratic pacing, hallucinations and most importantly extra poundage.



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