The Big Bad Diet Mafia

Let me preface this by saying, “Not all Diet Industry Organizations/Plan Creators are in it solely for the MONEY.” That being said, here we go.

We are so bombarded with weight loss gimmicks today that it can be very confusing. Sometimes it makes you feel stupid because you think, I couldn’t even follow that simple diet plan and forget about preparing the 20 receipes they throw in the back of the book. However, that is the gimmick, most of the commercial diets on the market today aren’t simple and set you up to fail. I cannot make the all too familiar claim that, “I have been on every diet in the book,” because I simply refuse to make someone else rich at my expense. Look, most of the time your self esteem is tied to body image and you want to believe that the next hot thing is going to be the “ONE” that works for you. It’s such a vulnerable time, you really don’t need the Diet Mafia promising to make you part of  “La Cosa Nostra” when they know that is never the real goal. 

 This should explain:

Each group is made up of several gangs, known as families. The number of families can range from fewer than 10 to more than 100. Sometimes, the emergence of a new family must be approved by the heads of other families, while in some cases a group can splinter off from another family and consolidate its power, becoming recognized as a new family over time. Each family has separate business dealings, but the dealings of the families can intermingle to a large extent depending on their proximity to one another and the commonality of their ventures.

Reprinted from How This Stuff Works – by Ed Grabianowski

You will always only be an indirect link to the Diet Mafia or in other words, you’re at the bottom of the tree — an Associate — a dollar sign $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Boss = Publisher/Moneyman

Consigliere = Legal Counsel

Underboss = Diet Creator/Writer/Organization

Capo = Marketing Strategist/Advertising Genius

Soldiers = Infomericals, Talk Show Hosts, Celebrity Drones


Check out the 5 Elements of Successful Weight Loss, listed at Lose Weight With Me, it’s sensible, practical and doable.

What I know is true; we all have to find our own way and do what works best for us.

I’ll jump down off my soapbox now 😉


1 Response to “The Big Bad Diet Mafia”

  1. 1 girlsdropbombs
    June 9, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    I hear you on this one, another thing I abhor are the new celebrity exercises/workouts that promise to “blast your abs” or that a 20 minute workout a week will melt fat. Instead of promoting these exercises as FUN and interesting additions to a regular regime of eating right and regular exercise they are hailed as the NEW thing. I mean I work out regularly and eat right MOST of the time but I love me some billy blanks when I get bored with regular cardio.

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