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I’m on holiday…

Where ever I am, I am having a great time on this much needed holiday.

Post ya later!!!




Sleep Apnea IV

Sleep O’ Wonderful Sleep; I’m finally sleeping…for real! I have been using the CPAP Machine (with full face mask) for two weeks now and it is one of the best things to happen in my life. I wake up feeling refreshed, strong and even more favored. Although I am still struggling a little bit with the time that I go to sleep, it is getting better and I am falling asleep earlier and earlier, which is wonderful. I no longer nod off between 2:30pm – 3:00pm everyday and I am no longer dead tired all day.

I am sleeping y’all!

I am so happy!


Give me your opinion

I have created a couple of logos/banners for Chaotic Fat. Sometime next year I am going to design a new blog for CF and I am playing around with the CF logo. Tell me what you think.








Thanks for your help.

Take care, CF


A Satisfying Treat…

I love watching cooking shows and one of my favorites is “The Barefoot Contessa.” Ina Garten is a lovely woman who happens to be overweight, is soft spoken and cooks for friends and family, but mainly for her man. Ina plys him with wonderful dishes. She seems warm and charming and I always want to give her a big ChaoticFat hug—I give great hugs btw.

The other day she made this dessert using strawberries, balsamic vinegar, sugar and some kind of fancy schmancy custard looking thing in the center. Well I love balsamic vinegar so I thought hmmm….strawberries, let me put my own spin (because I don’t really cook and trying to make the fancy schmancy custard is out of the question) on it and see if I can make it healthy. So here are my ingredients

  1. Strawberries (6-8 halved or quartered if you like)
  2. Balsamic Vinegar (any brand you like)
  3. Splenda or Stevia
  4. Fage Greek Yogurt (fat free of course, this is yummy delicious!)

In a bowl, place cut strawberries, add several drops of balsamic vinegar (cover, don’t saturate strawberries), sprinkle 1/2 or 1 whole packet of Splenda and then mix with a spoon. You can let it stand in the fridge for a while or not; I like to just go at it so the strawberries are still firm.—I can’t eat any fruit or veggie that’s not firm. If you’ve made a large bowl, scoop some fruit into a smaller bowl and add a dollop or two (up to you) of the Fage yogurt. Make sure you take the paper off the top and thoroughly stir the yogurt before adding to fruit.

This is such a great treat, try it and see.



Flip Flopper

It’s the old okey doke, the flip flopper that’s me 100%. One month I am all gungho and ready to lose weight and exercise and the next month I could give a shit. I don’t exactly know why I feel this way, but that’s it in a nutshell. Intellectucally I know why I have to do this, emotionally there are days when I think, I’ve done this before and I’m tired. Some days I just want to revel in my fat and love it up; the next day I’m walking in a mall and have to stop because my fat ass can’t breath. You would think, HELLLLLLO there isn’t a question here, just get off your ass and do the damn thing. But I can’t keep that light on. Why am I having this internal conflict and how do I get past it?

I can’t read another book, I can’t read another blog, I can’t sing another song—but I won’t quit. I don’t know why, but I just won’t give up, I keep trying and trying and trying…I think I need some sleep y’all :)) 

I’m filled with all this angst like I’m a dangblasted 15 year old.


Sleep Apnea III

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concern. Here is a comment that I have decided to make a post as well.

It’s disturbing isn’t it. Check out this double edge sword; ever since the sleep study and finding out that I stop/struggle to breath during sleep, I have been afraid to fall asleep so I am getting even less sleep than before. I’m all freaked out about this bullshit, fearing that I might die if I close my eyes. My loved ones are hovering over me while I sleep to make sure if I stop breathing they are there to wake me up. It’s unfuckingbelievable, but I just have to deal.

Thank God for a great job and health insurance. I get fitted next Tuesday for the CPAP which will unobstruct my airway and allow me to breath during sleep. I will have to wear it every night until…

Also, I have to keep up my exercise program and actually lose a significant amount of weight, which I am finding is easier said than done.


Sleep Apnea II

I stop breathing 33.1 times per hour during my sleep…

Just don’t have anything else to say about it—kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it.