Sleep Apnea III

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concern. Here is a comment that I have decided to make a post as well.

It’s disturbing isn’t it. Check out this double edge sword; ever since the sleep study and finding out that I stop/struggle to breath during sleep, I have been afraid to fall asleep so I am getting even less sleep than before. I’m all freaked out about this bullshit, fearing that I might die if I close my eyes. My loved ones are hovering over me while I sleep to make sure if I stop breathing they are there to wake me up. It’s unfuckingbelievable, but I just have to deal.

Thank God for a great job and health insurance. I get fitted next Tuesday for the CPAP which will unobstruct my airway and allow me to breath during sleep. I will have to wear it every night until…

Also, I have to keep up my exercise program and actually lose a significant amount of weight, which I am finding is easier said than done.


1 Response to “Sleep Apnea III”

  1. August 9, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Happy to hear you are getting fitted for the CPAP. Your life will change and you will sleep like you have never before.

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