This Definitely Shifted My Paradigm

I just have to share another post from the “Fatosphere” entitled: I Hate WLS—Here’s Why I’m Having It.

Please take the time to click the link and read Heidi’s post. It will make you cry, laugh and feel a great deal of compassion for this brave woman. If you are struggling, like me, it will open your eyes to your future.


 I believe weight loss surgery (WLS) is dangerous, invasive, and overly performed. I hate that something created as a last resort has turned into magical cure-all for everyone over 200 pounds. I hate that it’s become so popular and hyped that people whose information is based solely on what they see on TV have no hesitation in suggesting it to complete strangers. But what if you don’t qualify? Gain weight! Go to Mexico! Find a less strict surgeon!

WLS is the quick and easy answer! Because altering your eating and drinking habits for the rest of your life couldn’t possibly be something worth a second thought. I always have been and always will be highly, highly critical of weight loss surgery.

And I’m having mine next month.

Here is the link to the complete post:


Below is the comment I made to the post:


Congratulations on having the courage to make the best decision for you. I am on my own weight loss walk and needed a paradigm shift; a way to see my fat and my struggle with becoming healthy as more than a chore or just something to do in order for me to be happy. You know the old saying, “I’ll be happy when…”  Well I have been letting that guide me, until today.

It has been a privilege to read your post and I thank you for saving my life. Although I will not have WLS, I will take your words and the steps necessary to do what I know I must do to lose the fat that’s killing me and get healthy.

Be well, CF


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